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Modeling// Duomo & first job.

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Hi lovies, 

So it's monday again and normally I wouldn't be looking forward to it but this time was different. 
Today I had my first job in Milan!! I'm here for not even a week and already had a job so yes, I was also surprised! I was booked for a video shooting for Yoox (shoes) from the casting from friday. I've been looking forward all weekend to this, my first job in Milan and it couldn't have been better! Great way to start my life in Milan. The people were so sweet, I met some other models and had so much fun working for them! My job was normally for only 2 hours but the 2 hours became 4 hours so after finishing my job I was running like a chicken without a head from my job to the last casting. I'm so happy I bought those sneakers from Nike a few days ago, I'm walking on clouds to my castings now! 

So let me tell you a little bit about my first weekend in Milan.. 
On saturday my roomies and I decided to visit the Duomo. It was even better then my expectations! The Duomo is so beautiful and I just love to walk there! (except for the crowd and all the umbrellas that jumps out of nowhere in your face..) But still love you, Milan! 

We went to see the stores close to Duomo and this is soooo dangerous for me.. I found a store that sells Alexander McQueen who is my favorite designer and it are sales.. Do I have to say more?? I'm trying to avoid that store as much as I can haha. 
On Sunday I went to the Duomo again, got some coffee, walked around and just had a nice evening at Duomo. So I actually spent whole weekend at the Duomo, I'm not complaining.. haha! 

Hope you all had a great weekend, now let's rock this week!
xoxo, Jelka

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2 lovely comments

  1. your so lucky ! i would love to be you for a day and have as much fun!! I have just setup my blog and would love it if you followed me back x

  2. i like your information in on fashion ^__^


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