20 August 2014

Fashion// Sisters Point coat

Hi ladies! 

I've always been looking for a fluffy coat for when the weather gets colder. Yesterday was my lucky day! I found this - over the top - fluffy white coat from the Sisters Point in LOT., Antwerp. Since the summer in Belgium already ended, I guess I'm going to wear it very soon already! 

An other piece on my wish list is a faux fur jacket.. I still didn't find the 'perfect' one.. let's hope I find it before the winter starts! 


19 August 2014

Life// Puppy love

Hi lovely readers, 

Summer is coming to it's end and I can say I had a wonderful summer! No, I didn't go on a vacation or anything, I don't need those things to have a great summer. But so many other great things happened this summer. I told you a few posts back already that I was going to move with my boyfriend to our own place, we love living in Antwerp. Having a night shop downstairs is amazing, haha! 

One month ago I became a proud mommy, I'm not talking about a baby but I'm talking about my sweet Pomeranian puppy "Nila"! Oh yes, I got a puppy! Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a baby, but I'm not complaining at all. She brings joy to home and who doesn't love that? I do for sure. 
Nila's almost 4 months (16 weeks) old now. She's finally listening well to her name and "sit". Not much yet but we're getting there! I love playing with here, she doesn't leave my side. 


14 August 2014

Beauty// Fake Tattoos

Hi beautiful people, 

One of the newest and biggest trends this summer is having a fake tattoo. I think it's just great to have a fake one! It's a new type of fashion accessory and already a huge trend in America and Europe. I love small and subtle tattoos and would love to get some real ones later. But for now, fake tattoos are more than enough for me! 

I received this beautiful tattoo from "Fake Tattoos". They work directly with guest designers so their tattoos can't be purchased anywhere else then on their website. So you'll always be unique! It lasts for 5 - 10 days. 

"Love makes the world shine."

Big thank you to Fake Tattoos!


13 August 2014

Outfit// Walking on my Flossy's

Hi lovies, 

Recently I got these amazingly beautiful Flossy's. They fit perfect and feel so comfy, it feels like walking on clouds because they're so soft! I've always loved espadrilles to wear on a hot summer day when you want to wear something comfy but I never found any espadrilles this comfy. Usually they feel really hard but these.. oh I can wear these ones for days I guess! I didn't take them off today because I just love walking on them! 
Today's outfit was a cute but still a comfy one, I love to wear this kind of outfits for a day in the city. 

Playsuit: Zara
Kimono: H&M
Shoes: Flossy
Necklace: New Look
Bracelet: Forever21
Watch: Michael kors
Ring: Swarovski
Purse: H&M

A special thank you to MaisonPr & Flossy!

Have a beautiful evening
XOXO, Jelka

29 July 2014

Inspiration// Festival Outfit.

Hi lovies,

This weekend I am going to Hard Summer in LA so I've been looking for some cute festival outfits. In LA it get's pretty hot and I'm probably going to dance so high waisted shorts with a crop top is perfect for me. I've already found a tye dye high waisted shorts from Bullhead, I'm really into pastel colors so I really love my shorts. Because my shorts are already colorful I'll wear a white crop top on it. If it gets really hot and you just want to wear your bikinitop, a bodychain is always a nice detail to spice up your outfit. I really like this flowers on your head trend, it's perfect for summer and festivals. And if you want to add another accessory you can choose some fun sunglasses like these cute heart chaped onces. 

I hope you are all having a great summer and if you're going to some festivals, have fun and be sure to wear some good dancing shoes ;).

Xoxo, Laure.